2018 National Chinese Eisteddfod

The National Chinese Eisteddfod is an annual event organised by the Chinese Language Educational Council of NSW. It is a poem or prose recital competition for students of Chinese background or non-Chinese background. It is an opportunity for students who study Chinese to use and practise the language in a formal competitive setting.

Over 70 students from our school participated this year. Their success bears testamont to the hard work of teachers, students and no less important, the support of parents.

Group competition - Cantonese

  • 4-6 years age group - second prize
  • 7-9 years age group - champions
  • 13-15 years age group - champions


  • 4-6 岁组荣获团体赛亚军
  • 7-9 岁组荣获团体赛冠军
  • 13-15 岁组 荣获团体赛冠军

Individual competition - Cantonese

  • 7-9 years age group - Felisha Kwok, winner (class MC2)


  • 7-9 岁组 - 郭菲, 冠军 (class MC2)

Individual competition - Mandarin (non-native)

  • 8-12 years age group - Amelia Blamires, winner (again! ) (class MM6)
  • 8-12 years age group - Armando Maurizio Dias, second prize (class MM6)
  • 8-12 years age group - Antonio Roberto Dias, second prize (class MM6)


  • 8-12 岁组 - 白蜜莉, 冠军 (class MM6)
  • 8-12 岁组 - Armando Maurizio Dias, second prize (class MM6)
  • 8-12 岁组 - Antonio Roberto Dias, second prize (class MM6)



MM2 class teacher Ruby Zhuang and her charges relaxing before the competition

Junior students and their teachers.

Back row,
Left - Siu Ching TANG 邓少贞
Right - Yuan HAN 韩园

Amelia Blamires and her mum Madeleine

Teacher Li 李云影 and students

Proud parents