Starting your child at Sydney Chinese School

Children 4 years and 6 months by January can commence Chinese Kindergarten.

Parents are encouraged to start their children at the same time as they begin their day school. We have found that students grow together and develop strong peer groups when they start their language learning at an early age and when the concepts or ideas used to teach Chinese are similar to what is being taught at the day school.

Coming to SCS when students are older

The SCS also welcomes students of all levels throughout the year. An assessment is made of language ability, age and previous Chinese language learning. Students may be allocated to a specialist Basic Chinese Language Class* and the transitioned into a suitable mainstream class once their Chinese language is proficient.

*  Basic Chinese Language Class

This specialist class caters for school age students who are interested to study Chinese but do not have any mastery of the language. The purpose of these small classes is to develop the basic skills for the language so that the students can be transferred back to the mainstream classes above.