30 August 2021 二零二一年八月三十日 update
TERM 3 Principal Message and Online Learning Parent Survey

We need your support to fill in a Parent Survey by 6 September 2021, which will help us for the future planning. It will take a few minutes only. Thank you in advance.
先感谢各位家长们, 我们需要你的支持, 在 2021 年 9 月 6 日之前只需要花数分钟填写一份 家长调查 , 这将有助于我们未来的规划。
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7 August 2021 二零二一年八月七日 update
2021 Term 3 Online lesson timetable update 網课时间表 修正版
2021 Term 3 Online lesson timetable - English V1.2 06.08.2021 英文網课时间表 修正版
2021 Term 3 Online lesson timetable - Chinese V1.2 06.08.2021 中文網课时间表 修正版

6 August 2021 二零二一年八月六日 update
TERM 3 Principal Message - Extension of COVID-19 restrictions

Extension of COVID-19 restrictions 延长对 COVID-19 的限制
The Premier of New South Wales and NSW Health advised of the extension of COVID-19 restrictions until midnight on Saturday 28 August 2021. This means that the current restrictions will remain in place for community language school as previously advised. Our school will continue to offer online learning, including school exam, via Zoom Meeting and Google Classroom until the end of Term 3.
新南威尔士州总理和卫生部建议将 COVID-19 限制延长至 2021 年 8 月 28 日星期 六午夜。这意味着目前的限制将继续适用于社区语言学校。如同前建议,本校将继续通过 Zoom 会议和谷歌教室提 供在线学习,包括学校考试,直至第三学期期末。

Parent-Teach Meet in August via Zoom 8 月份通过 Zoom 召开的家长会
This is now rescheduled to week 6, 21 August. You will receive the meeting invitation from class teacher by next week. 现已更改为 8 月 21 日第 6 周。下星期你们会收到班主任发出的会议邀请。

Census night is on Tuesday 10 August 2021 人口普查之夜是 2021 年 8 月 10 日星期二
Visit 2021 Census or call 1800 512 441 for more information. 访问 2021 年人口普查网站或致电 1800 512 441 了解详情。

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23 July 2021 二零二一年七月二十三日 update
Google Classroom and Zoom-Classroom User Guide update 網课登录指南 修正版
Google Classroom guide update v2021.07.B1 谷歌课堂登录指南 修正版
ZooM-Classroom guide update v2021.07.B1 網课登录指南 修正版

15 July 2021 二零二一年七月十五日 update
Remote Learning during Greater Sydney lockdown 悉尼地区封锁期間的远程学习上课安排

The current Greater Sydney lockdown has been extended for at least another two weeks until 11:59pm on Friday 30 July. 目前悉尼地区的封锁至少再延长两周, 直至7月30日星期五晚上11时59分。

Our Term 3 will remain commencing this Saturday, 17 July. The Sydney Chinese School will offer language classes to all our students at home through our remote learning program until further notice.

Parents and students are advised to check emails (including spam folder) from teachers for online class login details. 家长们請查看教师发送的电子邮件(包括spam folder)以获取網课登录详细信息。

Please download and read following documents and timetables.
SCS Remote Learning Guide for Parents 15July2021 第三学期校讯
2021 Term3 Online lesson timetable-English v1.1 英文網课时间表
2021 Term3 Online lesson timetable-Chinese v1.1 中文網课时间表
Google Classroom guide update v2021.07.B1 谷歌课堂登录指南 修正版
ZooM-Classroom guide update v2021.07.B1 網课登录指南 修正版

25 June 2021 二零二一 年六月廿五日 update

School will operate tomorrow (26/6/2021) on the last day of term 2 . Examination will be on as scheduled. Students can resit their exam in the Week 1 of term 3,(17/7/2021) if required.
明天的考試将会如期在校内举行, 不出席的学生可在下学期第一周补考(17/7/2021).

NSW Education has advised:
“As an essential service, all schools, including Community Languages Schools, can continue to operate, however where possible, it is recommended that if you live or have been in one of those 4 LGA areas, that you follow the Public Health Order restrictions announced earlier today and access remote learning from home.”

More information about the extended restrictions can be found on the NSW website at https://www.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/greater-sydney-covid-19-restrictions-extended

7 May 2021 二零二一 年五月七日 update

NSW Health has advised of 2 new cases of community transmission within the past 24 hours, and have announced that precautionary restrictions are in place for the Greater Sydney region (including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains) from midday today, 6 May until 12:01am on Monday 10 May 2021.

At present these restrictions do no impact the normal operations of community languages schools.

However, please note the following important reminders:

. Ensure that your COVID-19 Safety Plan is up to date and that all visitors to your school continue to sign in using your QR Code or other form of electronic check in.

. All attendees, including students, staff and visitors, including parents and carers, must be well and free of any flu-like symptoms.

. Staff and visitors to schools and offices should maintain 1.5m distance from other people where practicable. Avoid congestion of groups of visitors in specific areas where possible.

More information about the restrictions can be found on the NSW Health website at https://www.nsw.gov.au/media-releases/covid-19-restrictions-update-6-may


Parents, staff and students are not required to wear face masks at school, but in line with Public Health Orders, masks must be worn by those aged 12 years and over on any public transport.

Similarly, students aged 12 and over must comply with the Public Health Orders around masks at all other relevant locations within the community, and also during external school activities.

27 April 2021 二零二一 年四月二十七日 update

Notice is hereby given that the 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Sydney Chinese School Inc. will be held on 8 May 2021 at 1:30pm in school hall.
雪梨中文学校 將 於 2021 年 5 月 8 日 下 午 一 時三十分 在 校 内 召 開常 年 大 會,特 此 以 告 週 知 。

All parents are invited to attend the AGM.

Nominations are hereby invited for elections of Directors to the SCS Board at the AGM.
The AGM will include election of the following Office Bearers for 2021:
◦ Chairperson
◦ Secretary
◦ Treasurer
◦ Other Board members

Parents interested in being nominated for any of these positions should indicate their interest by forwarding their nomination to the school administration account (info@scs.org.au) by Saturday 1st May 2021.

nomination should include:
◦ Your name
◦ The position you are nominating for
◦ Your son/daughters class
The subject line of the email should be "Board Member Nomination for (name of position)"

2021_SCS_AGM_Notice 雪梨中文学校常年大会通知
2021_SCS_AGM_Nomination_Form 下届学校董事局提名表格

30 January 2021 二零二壹年一月三十日
2021 New Student Enrolment Day
2021年 新生註册日
Morning Session : 10am - 11:00am
Afternoon Session : 1:30pm - 2:30pm
First Day Term 1 All students return to school 新学年第一学期第一天

TERM 1 Principal Message - Happy New Year! 新年快乐!

As we welcome a brand-new year, we reflect with gratitude the extraordinary journey that we took as a school in 2020.
迎接新的一年之际,我们怀着感激之情回顾 2020 年我校走过的非凡历程。

The COVID19 pandemic has affected our original school plan, however, we safely continued to adapt to reduce the spread of COVID19. It turned out to be a year of great achievement in terms of innovations for the school, accelerating our pace towards digital transformation. We converted the whole school from face-to-face classes to online learning then return to school with a COVID safe plan.
2019 冠状病毒大流行影响了我们原来的学校计划,但我们仍能安全地继续适应,以减少 2019 冠状病毒的传播。我校在创新方面取得斐然成就,加速了我校数字化转型的步伐。我们将学校 从面授课程转变为在线学习,然后带着新冠肺炎安全计划返回学校。


If you would like your child to receive a solid grounding in Chinese language and culture then you have come to the right place.

While many of our students have a Chinese background, increasing numbers of them are from families where Chinese is not spoken at home. This makes the teaching of Chinese a challenge, a task which our school is well placed to undertake. It is also a recognition by many parents today that knowledge of the Chinese language gives their child an advantage in their social and working lives. Indeed a number of our graduates have enhanced their HSC results or found employment in Hong Kong and China later in their careers.

So, welcome to the Sydney Chinese School website. Here you can find out about our school: our history, philosophy, curriculum and facilities. As a student you will be able to revise your lessons and check your progress. As a parent this website has been designed for you to see what we have to offer your child and also help you become involved in their learning experience.

Parents can download textbooks from 《中文》和《幼儿汉语》教材