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Parents can download textbooks from 《中文》教材 or 《幼儿汉语》教材


If you would like your child to receive a solid grounding in Chinese language and culture then you have come to the right place.

While many of our students have a Chinese background, increasing numbers of them are from families where Chinese is not spoken at home. This makes the teaching of Chinese a challenge, a task which our school is well placed to undertake. It is also a recognition by many parents today that knowledge of the Chinese language gives their child an advantage in their social and working lives. Indeed a number of our graduates have enhanced their HSC results or found employment in Hong Kong and China later in their careers.

So, welcome to the Sydney Chinese School website. Here you can find out about our school: our history, philosophy, curriculum and facilities. As a student you will be able to revise your lessons and check your progress. As a parent this website has been designed for you to see what we have to offer your child and also help you become involved in their learning experience.

School Diary . . .

10 Aug 2019

Board Meeting

31 Aug 2019

45th Anniversary Rehearsal (TBC)

7 Sep 2019

45th Anniversary Celebration and Moon Festival (TBC)

14 Sep 2019

Board Meeting

21 Sep 2019

EOY Presentation Program

28 Sep 2019

Term 3 Last Day Exam and Teacher's Meeting